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We are fans of the amazing actor and screenwriter Toby Leonard Moore. This is our dedicated fansite to Toby and contains a little bit of information about what our fan group does!

Charitable Giving

We're a group committed to building a safe space for fans but we also want to put that good energy out in the world. In times of need we rally our community with the help of Toby to gather donations for a cause.

Check the Twitter feed to see what charitable campaign we may be running.

Some campaigns we've run & causes we've donated to:

  • #SmooresForNepal - Nepal Earthquake Relief
  • Anzac Day Fundraiser
  • Made by Survivors


Toby with charity giveaway prize

Shortly after The S'Moores group came into existence, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake and aftershocks that devastated the area. I wanted to do something to help and was so impressed with how kind and positive Toby's fans were, that I decided to initiate a fundraising contest to aid in relief efforts in Nepal. I posted on our Twitter page asking S'Moores to give any amount they could in Toby's honor to UNICEF, The Red Cross, Global Giving, and/or the Tzu Chi Foundation and then tweet that they had made a donation using #SmooresForNepal to be entered into a raffle. At that point in time, the raffle prizes were fairly small in scale and something I was still putting together.

A few hours after my post, Toby reached out to ask me: "How can I contribute/help out with this Nepal drive?" His readiness to help and the way he offeredto do it perfectly illustrates the kind of man he is. It wasn't: "Cool idea, kid" or "Let me know if you need anything." He pro-actively offered to help in whatever way I needed/wanted him to and was enthusiastic, encouraging, and terribly humble about the whole thing. I asked if he would be willing to autograph photos for the winners of the raffle. Not only did he happily agree to do this, he also offered to donate a Daredevil poster signed by cast members for the grand prize winner. Despite being very busy, he took the time to personalize the autographed photos once the winners had been drawn.

With Toby's support, the unwavering help of Jolan Farkas, and the amazing contributions from the S'Moores, we raised over $1,500 for relief efforts in Nepal. And that's just the amount I was able to track. I know even more than that was donated and I am so proud of what we accomplished as a group. I am continually impressed by the generosity and kindness of our group and I look forward to doing more together in the future!

Toby's instagram post

About Toby L Moore

Toby L Moore on the set of Billions

Toby Leonard Moore was born in Australia in 1981. At the age of 11 he moved to Tasmania with his family. According to Toby, he was interested in becoming either a rugby player or an actor at a young age and decided to pursue acting. (With rugby as a dream backup job.) As a teenager, he had the opportunity to live in Japan for a year to study the Japanese language and culture. He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in 2005. While attending NIDA in Sydney he met Michelle Vergara and the two married in 2009.

Toby has narrated documentaries and audiobooks, supplied voice work for commercials and television, and worked regularly as an actor in the years since completing school. He is best known for his roles as Sgt. Stone in the HBO mini-series The Pacific and James Wesley in the Netflix series Daredevil. He is currently filming the Showtime series Billions in which he plays attorney Bryan Connerty.

Toby is known for his impeccable acting, flawless accents, charity work, love of linguistics, quick wit, kindness toward his fans, and amazing turkey gobble sound. He enjoys supporting his favorite rugby team the Manly Sea Eagles, playing Tetris, and spending time with his family and friends. He and Michelle currently live in New York City.

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